the Japanese grammar tutorial for DOS


Please note: GAKUSEI is no longer for sale or supported, but you are welcome to download it now for free!.

GAKUSEI 1.1 is an elementary 30-lesson Japanese grammar tutorial for IBM PCs and compatibles. Your PC must have DOS 3.3 or later; EGA or VGA display; 640K memory; 3 MB hard disk space; and if you want to print screen shots, an Epson LQ-compatible dot matrix printer with a 32K memory buffer, or an HP LJ2-compatible laser printer.

GAKUSEI will usually run fine on Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, as long as you start a DOS box and make the DOS box full-screen (ALT-Enter) before starting GAKUSEI.

The 30 lessons include: an introduction to kana; a sampling of onomatopoeia; DESU copula; ARIMASU/IMASU verbs of existence; WA, GA, E, O, DE, and NI relationals; dictionary and -MASU verb forms; NA adjectives; more!


First create a directory, then download into it, then unzip the .zip files, then run GAKUSEI.

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rev. 29 December 2001