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 Appendix A: Additional Information

 A.1 Official Information

 The following websites provide “official” statistical information and forecasts pertaining to ecological and economic resources and issues.

 US Department of Agriculture:

 US Census Bureau:

 Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

 US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA):

 US Energy Information Administration (EIA):

 International Energy Agency/Agency (IEA):

 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

 US Federal Reserve:

 US Geological Survey (USGS):

 United Nations Statistics Division:

 Statistical Abstract of the United States:

 US Department of the Treasury:

 The World Factbook (US CIA):

 A.2 Other Information

The following websites provide news, statistics, analyses, and perspective on critical ecological and economic resources and issues that often receive incomplete or biased coverage by the American mainstream media.

 Al Jazeera:

 Almost Daily Rant:


 American Free Press:

 Angry Bear:

 Anonymous Monetarist

 Ashes Ashes All Fall Down:

 Asia Times:

 Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO):

 The Automatic Earth:

 The Big Picture:


 Calculated Risk:

 Charles Goyette

 China Daily:

 Clusterfuck Nation:


 The Coming Depression:

 Commodity Online

 Counter Punch:

 Crossing Wall Street:


 The Daily Bail:

 Daily Mail:

 Decline and Fall of Western Civilization:

 The Energy Bulletin:

 Eye No Stuff:

 Financial Armageddon:

 The Guardian:

 The Independent:

 Infectious Greed:

 Info Wars:

 In These Times

 Life After the Oil Crash (LATOC):

 Market Harmonics:

 The Market Ticker:

 Market Watch: /

 Mineral Information Institute (MII):


 Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis:

 Money and Markets:

 Moon of Alabama:

 The Motley Fool


 Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC):

 The Oil Drum:

 Online Journal

 Open Secrets:

 Shadow Government Statistics:


 Some Assembly Required

 Strike at the Root:

 The Telegraph:


 When Giants Fall:

 World Clock:

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