Ancestors and other relatives of Bruce Archibald Hamilton

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Clara Potts Hamilton and her students at Camp Gould North ice skating party, 1945-46

Bob Rheinlander <> wrote on Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:47:36 -0400:

I believe this photo was taken the winter of 1945-46 based on the kids in the picture.
The site is the lake at Camp Gould North in Pomona. This was the Hauptman farm before it was sold to the Gould Foundation.
Clara is the adult at the right side of the picture, I'm the youngster at the extreme left.

Blanche May Fortier (left) with unidentified female companions

Blanche (second from right) with mother Ella May Dunham Fortier and (far right) cousin Edith May Barnes, . This family grouping circa 1900 strongly suggests that the mystery older woman on the far left might be Blanche's maternal grandmother Margaret Jane Davison Dunham. Edith later married Arthur Durfee and lived in Manhattan, New York City.

Blanche and husband Joseph Wallace Mackay Jr. ("Josie") (standing) with unidentified man (sitting). Circa 1912? Photo courtesy of Arlene Farnham Jones.

Ina Phillips Young Chambers with daughter Elsie Young Rickle. 1920s? Photo courtesy of Arlene Farnham Jones.

Ruth Mackay, age 25, 1947.

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